“You know the drill, you know what’s going to happen” – Steen Raskopoulos on the transition between comedy and acting, and pleasing the audience.

5 years ago
Stacey Waters

Steen Raskopoulos knows what he’s doing at this point. At 28 years old, Raskopoulos has been nominated for and won a huge variety of awards throughout the comedy scene worldwide. On top of that, he’s appeared in and starred in a number of prominent Australian and British television shows, while still managing to sell out during last years Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

I was able to have a chat with Raskopoulos about his upcoming show and the last few exciting years he’s had.

Only last year he starred in the British Sitcom Top Coppers, a show that follows the adventures of two police officers. On being questioned whether or not it was difficult to transition between acting and live comedy, Raskopoulos was quick to differentiate between the two, claiming though both have similar attributes, in the end they’re completely different. “I enjoy the live performance aspect and involving an audience,” while television work brought its own appeals, “I think all the television stuff I enjoy doing, I’ve been working with some great directors which also allow improvisation.”

Raskopoulos is also known as being one half The Bear Pack, an improvisational group, with the other half made up of comedian Carlo Ritchie. The two work together flawlessly and have a habit of selling out shows whenever performing. A lot of the two’s work can be seen on their Youtube channel.


When noted that he had a record of selling out shows and had taken out quite a few awards in the past few years he was quick to reassure me that he wasn’t just in it for the accolades “I’ve never written a show in order to be nominated or win anything. If you’re happy with what you’re putting out then that speaks for itself.”

“My dad always said do your talking on the pitch, if you’re good enough then the audience reaction will speak for itself,” he was quite confident in stating. And he has a right to be, whatever method Raskopolous is using it works. His work speaks for itself. “I think if you’re doing comedy or acting for awards than you’re not in the right business or mindset.”

His advice on continuing to create and display a good show every year was simple, “I think you’ve got to try and be as consistent as possible, and keep producing a great show each night. For the audience as well, not even just yourself.” A claim that shows how clearly Raskopolous seems to genuinely care about creating an entertaining show for the large audiences that come to see him.

You Know the Drill, his upcoming show for Melbourne international Comedy Festival has a vague sounding name, seemingly could be based around a variety of things. The clue is in the name however, when I questioned what exactly the show was about, Raskopolous instead challenged me to distinguish from the name what exactly we would be seeing during You Know the Drill. He confirmed I was correct when I took a guess that it would be a lot of the actions that he’s done in the past, a stage presence that is so familiar now the audience is bound to love it.

“I think stuff from all my previous shows, and style I’ve created for myself and what to expect. You know the drill, you know what’s going to happen.”


You can see Steen Raskopoulos in You Know the Drill at Melbourne Town Hall from 24th March – 17th April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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