Two World Premieres at Dance Massive

6 years ago
Sharona Lin

In the lead up to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, why not make time for a couple of shows premiering at Dance Massive this year?

Merge and Stampede the Stampede both opened on the 18th March but are running until the 22nd March, which means you can catch a few weekend shows before all the comedy starts.

Merge is a collaboration between creator and choreographer Melanie Lane and visual artists Bridie Lunney and Ash Keating, reflecting on the everyday “ritualistic, material encounters” humans face. It also features sound design from electronic musician Clark (Warp), Merge is a “collision of bodies, sound and material, revealing the madness of humans’ incessant compulsion to accelerate and adapt with their environment beyond what natural limits impose.”

Stampede the Stampede is Tim Darbyshire’s new work, featuring himself and created with collaborators Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey, Jen Hector and Bosco Shaw. It’s not a solo: Darbyshire performs within a “relentless, choreographic mechanism,” including machinery, objects, lighting and sound configurations that interact with Darbyshire’s movements.

Both shows are at the Arts House in North Melbourne and run until Sunday 22 March. Both shows start from $15. You can book tickets at or by calling (03) 9322 3713. Find out more about Dance Massive here.

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