Top Ten Male Animated Characters

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

There’s no easy way to put this, but sometimes cartoon characters are just damn attractive.

The latest episode of Adventure Time brought back something we were all hoping for…a new genderswap episode! Sure, it’s the Ice King’s fanfiction, but Fionna and Cake are great. This episode gave us a better look at some of the genderswapped characters, and in particular, Marshall Lee.

And HOLY BALLS is he attractive. It’s partly because he’s voiced by Donald Glover, and who doesn’t love a little bit of Childish Gambino?

So that got me thinking – who are the most attractive male cartoon characters? Here’s a top ten for y’all.

1. Marshall Lee – Adventure Time

He’s a bad boy and a prankster, but he’s more or less a decent person at heart. Voiced by Donald Glover, who is all round brilliant, let’s hope that we get more genderswap episodes of Adventure Time.

Marshall Lee

2. Flynn (Eugene) Rider – Tangled

Definitely up there. According to some internet source (aka I can’t actually find any reliable sources so just go with me on this one), the Pixar people got all the women working there into a room and asked them to describe their ideal attractive guy. And Flynn Rider is the result. Yeah, I can believe that.

Flynn Rider

3. Li Shang – Mulan

He’s smart, tough, and accepts the fact that women can kick just as much ass as men. Good for you, Shang. Also, abs and whatever.


4. Aladdin – Aladdin

Everyone seems to fancy Aladdin, so I’ll include him here. He has the whole rogue thing going (I do see a trend emerging), he’s adventurous, exciting and well, he has a pet monkey and a magic carpet. He’ll save you airfares and umm, let you rub his lamp? (Yeah okay that took a turn for the sexual real quick.)


5. Simba – The Lion King

If it wasn’t weird enough talking hot cartoons, now we’re talking attractive animal cartoons. A lot of my friends find Simba attractive. Maybe it’s the fact that my generation grew up with The Lion King, or maybe it’s just because Simba has really great hair.


6. Kovu – The Lion King II

Since we’re talking about lions, we might as well add Kovu here. He was more or less bred to kill Simba and hate the lions in the Pride Lands, but love and whatever got him on the right track and he ends up being a hero. Plus, he has a scruffy thing going on, and that scar doesn’t hurt.


7. Dimitri – Anastasia

What do you mean Rasputin wasn’t a evil guy who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for magic powers he could bitch slap the Russian royal family with?

Anastasia was a great movie when I was like, twelve. I recently rewatched it and was underwhelmed to say the least. But John Cusack voicing an attractive con artist is sometimes enough to carry a movie…


8. Howl – Howl’s Moving Castle

Okay, so he has major issues and is sometimes a bit of a madman. But he’s magical and exciting and attractive no matter what his hair colour is.


9. Tuxedo Mask – Sailor Moon

Yeah so I didn’t even watch a lot of Sailor Moon. But damn.

Tuxedo Mask10. L – Death Note

So I had a little internal struggle over whether to give the 10th spot to L or Light from Death Note. Both are very clever, but in the end, L is more scruffy and adorable. He knows what’s what, and has a sweet tooth. Also, look at him!



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