Three Coolest Stalls at Supanova Melbourne

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

Supanova Pop Culture Expo is the closest thing you’ll get to walking around in the fandom-dominated parts of the internet. If you haven’t checked out the photos, do it!

While the Pop Culture and Coke folks were there, we compiled a short list of the coolest stalls at Supanova Melbourne (completely subjective, of course). All of them can be checked out online, most of them will be at other Supanovas, and all of them are awesome. Any recommendations? Let us know!

1. AWH Studio

There were quite a few steampunk stalls at Supanova, mostly selling unique, original pieces. But these guys (if you have the budget) are well worth checking out. Angus, the guy that was running the stall, made the pieces, along with his parents. But what makes them special is that they put together reworked pieces that are historically accurate. Ask about a piece and they can tell you everything about it – the era, the location and how the pieces would have worked. They’re also beautiful, intricate pieces. Well worth checking out.

You can have a look at their website here:

AWH Studio

2. Glam Comix

I always distrust titles that replace ‘s’s with ‘z’s and the like. But Glam Comix are pretty damn awesome. The lady behind it makes headbands and bracelets and the like out of comic books. I got a nifty Captain Marvel bracelet which I love, and the rest of her stuff is decidedly awesome.

Find her here:


3. Gunslave

This man has been designing and building his own board game for ages, and it’s SO COOL. I haven’t played those kinds of games before, but his art is awesome. He let me have one of his My Little Pony mash up prints (Fluttershy is sitting in a huge tank holding a cupcake), and they’re awesome. He’s looking at getting a Kickstarter/Pozible set up soon, so definitely have a look at that if you enjoy tabletop games, heavy machinery and tanks.

His website is here, or you can have a look at the Facebook.

Apart from these specific vendors, there were a lot of great artists there. I was a big fan of Ashlea Bechas‘s work, as well as Luke Andrew and Trev Wood. Go forth and discover!

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  • If checking out the wonderful roster of TV stars and the awesome cosplay wasn t enough, Supanova Pop Culture Expo (in Melbourne) hit the trifecta this past weekend by tempting its visitors with cool gear, from comics, novels, animation cels, action figures to Game Of Thrones leggings let s just say that there was something for everyone!

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