The Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Opel Moonlight Cinema

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

I enjoy a good dress-up. Costume parties; themed events; these are examples of a perfect night in my opinion. So when I heard from my friend Nick Jones that the Opel Moonlight Cinema in Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens was holding a Rocky Horror Picture Show viewing, my friends and I decided it was time to shine.

This was my first time visiting the Opel Moonlight Cinema, so I didn’t know what to expect. First, I was focused more about the movie than the actual setting of the event. But as we were on the way to the Cinema, worry started to set in. Where were the other costumes? Why were my friends and I the only people in view dressed in suits and fishnet stockings?

Luckily my fears were unfounded, as we entered the Botanic Gardens and were greeted by two staff members dressed like they had a permanent seat at the table of Dr Frank-N-Furter. After the joyful greeting, we were met by a sea of excited moviegoers and a large outdoor area, overlooking a beautiful view of the park and distant city rooftops.

It was quite picturesque, and dare I say, beautiful. We bought some beanbags and took our (now comfy) seats on the grass. Other attendees had brought fold out chairs or picnic blankets, and there was an excited buzz in the air.

Moonlight Cinema

For those unaware, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the only films that constantly runs every week at at least one theatre/cinema event in the world. It is also famous (or infamous) for having an extremely vocal audience participation. While I know controlling an audience the size of the Opel Moonlight Cinema would have been quite a feat, I was concerned that this event would be a calm affair, if organized by the wrong people. I am glad to say that the event organisers completely understood the spirit of Rocky Horror, and the movie was full of singing, laughter and even dancing at some points (in which i swear some of the staff joined in down in front of the screen).

Overall, it was a positive experience. The food served (your standard popcorn) was cold, but some could argue this was due to the quite long lines at the stands. But honestly, that’s nitpicking as the event was just too much fun to call it anything but a success. Considering a ticket is only $18 (and of course less for concession/children), I’ll happily admit I am already looking forward to my next adventure to the Opel Moonlight Cinema.

Rating: 8/10


  • Happy and friendly staff
  • Beautiful location and view
  • Great audience participation
  • Decent price.


  • Long lines for food/toilets
  • Food was cold (although cheap)

Ryan Wilson (@ryanmwilson)
Ryan ‘Rasu’ Wilson is a 22 year old Geek and proud of it. Lived in Melbourne for a few years, originally from the Gold Coast, and always enjoys anything involving costumes, movies or scotch.

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