Seven Great Long Running Shows

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

Now I’ve had a bit of a cry about a bunch of shows that were cancelled too soon, I thought we should celebrate the shows that managed to live long, healthy lives.

This isn’t a list of the longest running shows ever. The O’Reilly Factor may have run for 17 seasons but I do not consider that good TV. Nope. Not at all.


Doctor Who

Show Length: 26 seasons in the original series, one (canon) movie and seven seasons in the new series (so far). In years: 50 this November.

Doctor Who is a great favourite of us here at Pop Culture-y. Check out the first installment of our Doctor Who Sunday here, by the way. Anyway, this show has survived the test of time. The old series is amazingly tacky and amazingly amazing, and the new series is still a bit tacky, but still amazing. To be perfectly honest, I’m not a big Steven Moffat supporter, but still. Love it.



Show Length: 10 seasons in 10 years.

Friends is one of the most famous sitcoms ever. It had a great ensemble cast of twenty-somethings living and loving in New York City. That formula can be seen in a lot of sitcoms now (see How I Met Your MotherNew Girl, and to a lesser extent, Happy Endings), but Friends, even if it didn’t pioneer that formula, popularised it. Incredibly important in pop culture.


The Office (US)

Show Length: 9 seasons in 9 years.

Based on the UK show of the same name which was created by Ricky Gervais, this show makes you cringe one moment and laugh the next, and sometimes even both at the same time. Each character is recognisable – who hasn’t met someone who sucks up to the boss, or someone who has an insatiable need to be liked, or someone who is just a complete dingbat.


The Simpsons

Show Length: 24 seasons in 24 years. Jesus.

Sure, the Simpsons has had its ups and downs, but you can’t deny the influence it has had on pop culture. Satire for adults, slapstick for kids, and humour for both!


Star Trek

Show Length: I don’t even know. There’s the Original Series, the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine…anyway.

Star Trek is pretty damn awesome. Gene Roddenberry’s science fiction show broke barriers in terms of representation of women and people of colour on TV. It was revolutionary, and as representation goes, is still revolutionary. Sure, Shatner is a bit of a dick, but I feel like Nichelle Nichols and George Takei more than make up for it.



Show Length: 9 seasons in 9 years

X-Files is another great sci-fi show that helped shape science fiction TV as we know it. Scully and Mulder are now code for skeptic and believer respectively, and the show makes for deliciously creepy viewing.



Show Length: 8 seasons and counting.

Supernatural. It has its issues, but the first five seasons were more or less excellent. After that…well the show has had its shaky moments, but the characters have pulled through. Dean and Sam Winchester are brothers who make it their mission to hunt monsters and save people. What a good.


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