Review: Runaway, by Brina Courtney

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

I love young adult novels about young women. The Hunger Games is the obvious example as is anything by Jacqueline Wilson. I also enjoy some supernatural creatures – vampires, werewolves, zombies, bring them on, as long as they’re interesting.

Runaway is a short novella with a great concept – but unfortunately that’s the best I can really say about it.

Camryn Cruise and her best friend Kiley are regular teenage girls – white, upper-middle class, into dresses and books and homecoming dances. But everything changes one day when it turns out a plague called Tilerra (from Africa, predictably, but nothing more specific than that) is spreading the across America.

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The disease makes people zombie-like and eager to kill before they die, kind of like the Rage virus in 28 Days Later. Camryn’s parents tell her that she needs to go to Camp Silverlake, where she used to go every summer. This first novella in the series has Camryn and Kiley driving to the camp, which is meant to be a safe place.

Eventually we (and Camryn herself) find out that she is special – and she is immune to Tilerra.

There are some great ideas in Runaway, but unfortunately it falls flat – it starts so quickly that there is not enough chance to really get to know the characters before they’re thrown into the deep end, and it feels like Courtney just skims over all of the details in a way that is action-packed, sure, but deeply unsatisfying.


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