Brief Reviews: All the Jurassics!

6 years ago
Aidan Johnson

We love films, and there’s nothing better than watching a bunch of them in a row. Especially when they have dinosaurs in them. So with that in mind, we watched the Jurassic Park films leading up to and including Jurassic World. Aidan shares his brief thoughts watching the four (well, three) Jurassics in a row.

Jurassic Park

What a good movie. Not perfect, but a solid, fantastic movie. A good plot (which was much thinner than the book’s version, but that’s ok), great characters (re-imagined from Crichton’s by great screenwriters and actors), and cool, scientifically based dinosaurs. Rewatching it, some of the graphics have aged really badly (like the computers), but the dinosaurs themselves have really stood the test of time. It was nice to see a really, really understated relationship (Dr Sattler and Dr Grant could have been close colleagues, not a romantic couple) – back in the days when relationships didn’t have to be mandatory and overly explicit.

Oh, and Dr Ian Malcolm – what a man.

Jurassic Park logo

Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Well, after the first movie, I always thought of The Lost World as a bit of a let-down. The plot is much more subtle than the first movie, with key plot points mumbled by the characters or spoken during loud action scenes. And out of all of the people who were inevitably eaten, it was the really annoying characters who survive. Typical.

But upon re-watching the film, it did begin to grow on me. Especially straight after watching the first film; it is actually a great story about corporate greed, arrogance, and protection of animals (albeit animals that wouldn’t exist otherwise). Although not as good as the first movie, it was still very enjoyable. Enough science as well to keep things at least vaguely intellectual (I mean that in the loosest possible way).

Dr Malcolm was less sultry in this movie though. Needed more chest hair.

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Jurassic Park III

This movie was terrible. We skipped it entirely during our marathon. All I remember was wishing that more people got eaten.

Jurassic World

Well, this was a bit of a letdown to be honest. True, the action scenes were the best in the series. And the cool new dinosaurs were very cool (including the new, genetically modified beastie). And there was some good dialogue (Dr Wu struggled on with some vague moral relativism that basically meant the movie got out jail on the scientific accuracy thing). Also, the main CEO character was really cool. Could have been more eccentric, but still very fun nonetheless.

However, with the legacy of the first movie (and even the second movie, really), it didn’t quite live up to expectations. It seemed very formulaic, vaguely sexist, and most of the characters didn’t really develop very much. The plot raised more questions than it answered, and the moral of the story was, whilst a commendable one, slightly hollow due to the numerous clichés that surrounded it.

Definitely not as deep or revolutionary as the first film. But still a fun winter film to remind you of those warmer, tropical climates.

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