Review: Worth It – DeAnne Smith

3 years ago
Til Knowles

DeAnne Smith’s new Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, Worth It is billed as ‘a post-industrial, consumer-based, sustainable comedy show for the new economy’, and while the show is not that in theme, it is that in spirit. Ditching the money presence for an hour comedy that seems to be built around the particular joy of this shared moment, with strangers we will never be in a room with again, Smith crafts truly heartwarming comedy.

There is a free-floating feeling to Worth It, as Smith shares anecdotes and anxieties that reflect the neurotic and scattered experience that often is the modern Western world. Smith is constantly tweaking and refining her material, building on lessons learnt each night. There’s a couple of slips and stutters, noticeable largely because Smith chooses to turn them into jokes themselves. The show builds into something looser, and more intimate than Smith’s previous, more confrontational show and while her politics still show, the Canadian stand up is a little less strident in presenting them. While some of the material traverses very familiar ground, there is a personal flourish to the stories that helps them to feel new and relatable. The very gentle audience interaction is part of what builds these feelings, as Smith leans in to accent jokes and tries to write her own reviews via her front row. Anyone looking for joyful, honest stories and belly laughs from a friendly, recognisable face this MICF will find them with DeAnne Smith. It’s Worth It.


Worth It is 7pm at the Greek Centre until 22 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets, show details and accessibility information can be found at the MICF website.

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