Review: The Woman in Black

5 years ago
Stacey Waters

The Woman in Black had me nervous from the beginning, the brief time I had viewed the movie left me with nightmares. As it begun, I found myself – and could sense the rest of the audience – relaxing, the dialogue was simple, the stage was lit and the whole thing seemed rather drab almost. I felt somewhat silly thinking that something in the theatre would scare me.

I was proven so, so wrong around thirty minutes in, in which the appearance of the woman in black lead me to scream, clutching tightly at my companion’s arm. The remainder of the production left us both on the edge of our seats, flinching and jumping at the sudden appearances and terrifying moments that the woman in black brought on.


The Woman in Black is a incredible production, the entire theatre sets the audience up on a suspenseful wait as soon as you walk in – smoke billowing out from the stage and a mournful, dark sound emitting from all around. The script is one of brilliance – an adaptation originally written by Stephen Mallatratt – which sets the story as a play within a play, allowing the cast to full branch out and explore their characters.

By the end of the show, every member of the audience appeared in shock. All glancing at each other as slightly uncomfortable chuckles could be heard, figures hesitantly getting to their feet while glancing around – appearing scared that the aforementioned woman in black would suddenly appear beside them. The Woman in Black builds up the fear and suspense of the audience brilliantly – leading to a climatic finish that leaves people scared to move about in the dark theatre.

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