Review: Wizard Actors – A Brief History of Magic

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

Muggles, witches and wizards alike are guaranteed to enjoy Wizard Actors: A Brief History of Magic. Created by and starring Melbourne based actors Caitlin Yolland and Rob Llyod (who we spoke to last week), Wizard Actors is an fantastic adventure into a world inspired by the ever famous Harry Potter series.

When you find yourself wandering down a dimly lit alleyway, the rain lightly misting down overhead the sudden appearance of the Butterfly Club can seem somewhat magical, as if you’ve somehow wandered into Melbourne’s very own hidden mysterious secret. If any venue was perfect for a production like this one, the Butterfly Club is it; the quirkiness continues inside and only succeeds in creating an ideal atmosphere for the upcoming show.

Both Yolland and Lloyd are in character and ready to go as the audience totters down the winding staircase at the back of the venue, greeting each everyone that enters with a wide smile and giggle worthy, “Welcome back students!” The premise of the production is a simple one; Yolland and Lloyd are recent graduates of the prestigious WADA (Wizarding Academy of the Dramatic Arts) and they are kindly taking their time to do a little school tour in order to educate students on their magical history. Conveniently the Melbourne Wizarding School is based within a great little bar so drinks are always at hand.

With the help of a time turner – the last one in existence – Yolland and Lloyd take the students (audience) back through all the notable points of wizarding history with many laughs and chuckles involved throughout. Both actors are fantastic at improvisation, playing off of each other’s actions to the amusement of the audience. There are a few missteps throughout the show and stumbled lines, however nothing that impacts the overall performance too greatly. While the show is fantastic, and many viewers will enjoy the tongue-in-cheek references throughout, there is a slight feeling that it is missing a little more and could use material with a little more depth to it.

Wizard Actors: A Brief History of Magic is a must for any wizarding world fanatic, the references alone throughout will leave any fan laughing while both performers excel at carrying on with the most ridiculous scenarios. Definitely a show that will go down in magical history!


Wizard Actors: A Brief History of Magic is showing at the Butterfly Club 22nd May to 26th May. Tickets can purchased at the venue or via the Butterfly Club website. 

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