Review: ‘Tis The Season

2 years ago
Stacey Waters

Have you got your Christmas plans organised? Heading to a relative’s house for Christmas lunch with the whole extended family perhaps? Well, you’re in luck, Maverick Newman and Stacey Thomsett are here to assist you in ensuring that this year, there’s no fights, drama or crying happening around the Christmas tree.

Christmas with relatives can be a painful experience, awkwardly repeating the phrase, “that’s right, still single this year,” to enquiring aunts and uncles while avoiding talk of controversial politics. Newman and Thomsett has encapsulated the very atmosphere of this type of Christmas, masquerading as siblings Bailey and Bonnie – who, this year, have decided that they will no longer respond with anger and argument to remarks by relatives, but instead express themselves with their family Christmas cabaret.

‘Tis The Season is a quirky, hilarious and clever take on the family Christmas – both Newman and Thomsett take to the stage in some truly hideous seasonal clothing (secretly I need Newman’s snowman jumper). Their immediate foray into the musical material of the show sets the scene with ease; both are clearly seasoned performers – easily connecting with the packed room inside of The Butterfly Club.

The majority of the show consists of comedic songs directed at many of the tiresome family situations that most within the audience are likely to have experienced – if the deep sighs and snorts of laughter that filled the room during some remarks are anything to go by. Dad’s come by with yet another new girlfriend? They’ve got a song for that. That one aunt who can’t hold her champers starting up about how Trump is what America needs right now? Don’t worry, there’s a song for that too.

‘Tis The Season is a truly hilarious show; barely a moment went by during the time the pair were on stage in which the audience was not laughing. Both Newman and Thomsett are charismatic, full of dramatic appeal and genuinely funny. With only five shows scheduled – ‘Tis The Season is not to be missed during the festive season.

‘Tis The Season is showing at The Butterfly Club 10th December – 15th of December. Tickets can be purchased here. 

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