Review: Tinder Tales: A New Musical

3 years ago
Aidan Johnson

Ah, Tinder. What a time it is when you can basically have access to easy sexual relationships – but romance is seemingly even further away than ever. But not all is doom and gloom – with a jaunty songs and bawdy jokes, you too can laugh at the predicament unattached (or semi-detached) twenty-somethings feel.

And that is basically a summary of the show Tinder Tales – a humorous twist on a rather depressing situation.

The show’s characterisation was interesting – although there was a host of interesting side characters, it was the ability to personify the crippling mental issues that plague many young women (and men) in today’s world. The constant doubts and insecurities that plague many people can have disastrous consequences for dating. And failure to communicate and come across as “cool” and “detached” are also explored. And just as all seems to be filled with despair and woe, we start the ride all over again – such is the hellish and repetitive nature of modern dating explored in the play.

This of course can be seen as quite conservative and nostalgic for the “good old days” – but really it is just exposing the bleak nature of atomised loneliness we feel in modern society. Or that could be reading too much into a silly and amusing musical. You decide.

The music is quite good. There is something universally cheery yet comfortably predictable about musicals – the piano seems to play the same tune, there are odd time signatures, and the singers are all over the shop. But there was enough diversity to make it interesting – and there was enough space between songs to develop the story, whilst simultaneously not too much to stall the progress of the play.

Of course, it wasn’t perfect. Some of the singers were a little off – perhaps it was just not a good final show for them. And there were a few minor musical mistakes as well – although all were hardly noticeable and can, for the most part, be chalked up to “final night symptom” – that interesting feeling you get as a performer when it is the final show and you are suffering from exhaustion and mixed feelings about the show ending. It was a little bit “rougher” than it ought to have been, but overall this was not to detrimental to the show.

In conclusion, although the humour resonated and the audience laughed, it was ultimately quite a depressing show. However, the songs were strong, and the characters, while a little cartoonish, were relatable – so what more can an audience want? Tinder Tales really is a romantic show for our time.

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