Review: The Subtle Art of Online Dating

2 years ago
Stacey Waters

Who hasn’t turned to the world of online dating in these modern times? Honestly, why even bother interacting with anyone new when you can just let your swiping finger do all the talking for you? The Subtle Art of Online Dating is a hilarity filled hour from Katie O’Connor, Nerida Hannah, Maddie Roberts, and Bonnie Ryan-Rowe.

The style of the show is that almost of a sketch show – with all parts throughout seeming linked by the subject of the modern world of dating, but not connected in any story sense. While this style is genuinely hilarious – with each sketch bringing out buckets of laughter from the audience – the entirety of the performance does seem to lack a little structure, coming across as slightly disjointed. This however, does nothing to take away from the comedy aspect of the show, thankfully.

All four women are superb upon the stage, captivating the audience through song, dance, and the odd reenactment of one’s favourite bedroom positions. For a show at 10pm on a weekend – all performers should be congratulated for their wide eyed and energetic attitude, bringing what could be a quiet and sleepy crowd to one of enthusiasm. Also to note, while this show has minimal audience participation, there is a good chance that you will find yourself awkwardly nodding along as one of the performers gets up in your face a little – nothing too extreme, but something to be aware of if you are a tad against the interaction.

The material in each of the sketches comes across as well written and practised – with all women working in sync together. If there were any mistakes during the night it was unlikely that a single audience member noticed.

The Subtle Art of Online Dating is almost a quintessential Fringe show. Stories from modern life dating, that are just across the each into absurdity but also you could kind of see that actually happening? Yep. Definitely a show to see when you need a little assurance that yes, nine dating really is just that bad.

The Subtle Art of Online Dating is showing 9th September to the 15th September at The Butterfly Club as part of the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Tickets can be purchased here.

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