Review: The Loneliness Project

2 years ago
Stacey Waters

The Loneliness Project is a live art exhibition – a show that slots nicely into Fringe amongst the comedic acts, cabaret and more serious performances.

You may be unsure what to expect when attending The Loneliness Project – despite the description practically detailing everything that would occur. A small intimate group would enter the auditory landscape and enjoy the immersive sound experience however they so chose. Still – when entering all looked a little unsure of how to behave. Should we stand? Sit? It wasn’t until one audience member, glancing around, made the choice to kick her shoes off, stretching out onto the pillows that lined the floor – that all others followed suit, settling in and making themselves comfortable.

The nature of the exhibition is fascinating, an auditory show in which the audience is treated to a continuous explanation of what loneliness is from numerous recorded sources. While the show does start with an atmosphere that is somewhat unsure – as the show progresses the air of the room settles into one that is of a relaxed vibe. All seemed to be enjoying the experience of resting and listening.

The hope of the show is described to be an attempt to show that everyone experiences loneliness, whether it be differently or the same, there is almost certainly others that can relate to or understand the emotion of loneliness – despite how the individual may experience it. It is a somewhat comforting thought, though this reviewer did leave feeling a little sad and wanting to find those that had been recorded to organise a dinner or wine (there’s a good chance that this feeling was unique to myself – I just like comforting people perhaps).

The Loneliness Project is definitely one of the more interesting in this years Fringe lineup, and worth experiencing.

The Loneliness Project is showing at Meat Market as part of the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Tickets can be purchased here.

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