Review: The Big HOO HAA!

2 years ago
Stacey Waters

It’s a rivalry as old as time – like the Montagues and the Capulets or Pepsi and Coke – the battle between the hearts and the bones is guaranteed to light up the stage in a battle like no other every time The Big HOO HAA! take to the stage during this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

For this year’s comedy festival The Big HOO HAA! have taken to a different theme of the show for every performance. The audience this particular night was treated to a somewhat spooky themed show. As with all performances from the famed improv group, the audience is introduced to the two competing teams on stage; the bones and the hearts. Throughout the performance both teams are required to participate in some truly wonderful improv situations, which in following the audience votes for their favourite with the subsequent points tallying up to declare a final winner. 

The brilliance behind improv shows is that the same audience could go every night to the same show – and be treated to something completely unexpected and out of nowhere every time. It can make for some unforgettable moments – and utterly hilarious occasions that are a product of just a perfectly timed joke in correlation with the rest of the show. Unfortunately though, the opposite side of this means that the show can also miss out on all of these things, and this particular night didn’t quite meet the heights of previous performances of The Big HOO HAA!

This isn’t to say that the show was not enjoyable, there were definitely moments throughout that brought around a wide sweeping laugh from the audience. All these laughs were short lived however, with more of a silence or awkward chuckle placed in-between – the audience seemingly patiently waiting for a bigger joke or more dramatic action to take place – one that, unfortunately, never quite made it properly. 

As with the magic of improv however – any night can bring about brilliance upon that stage. The Big HOO HAA! Are a popular name in improv in Australia and for good reason – if you’re planning to experience some improv during this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Big HOO HAA! Is definitely the act you want to make time to see.


The Big HOO HAA! on at the Melbourne Town Hall every Monday night from the 1st April – 18th April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased from the  comedy festival website. 

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