Review: Tessa Waters – Fully Sik

4 years ago
Til Knowles

Tessa Waters is like a hurricane of fun. She’s a high-energy Queensland whirlwind with history of sell out shows and rave reviews. Her latest show, Fully Sik, is no different.

Waters’ is an intensely physical performer. She constantly moves about the small stage space, seemingly pulling energy from every corner of the Greek Centre. Waters creates an infectious positivity that lifts your spirits and allows for the crowd to be swept into the jokes and sketches with eyes wide open. The sketches and their premises are well telegraphed, Waters is unashamed of her comedic form and teaches the audience to delight in its structure. The sketches are well-thought out wild rides, buoyed by Waters’ constant movement and joy.

Waters leaps through accents, tales of womanhood, songs, and mime. Her clowning experience is clear. She catches the slip ups with open arms and a playful shrug. The improvisational elements of the show are far looser than the tight sketches, which provides a neat ebb and flow to the show and let the audience (barely) catch their breath.

Be warned, there is a lot of audience participation in Fully Sik. Members of the audience were high-fived, questioned, and, of course, dragged onstage to participate in Waters’ antics. It’s never uncomfortable – willing participants only – but if the threat of the stage is too much for you, maybe avoid Fully Sik. Otherwise, the show is a guaranteed pick-me-up.


Fully Sik is on at 8:30 pm at the Greek Centre as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until 23 April, no shows on Mondays. Tickets are available online or at the Comedy Festival box office.

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