Review: Taco Knight – A Knight’s Taco

2 years ago
Stacey Waters

Taco Knight’s; A Knight’s Taco gives a slight impression that the viewer is in for a show that revolves either around possible questing or Mexican food. It’s really neither – it’s the story of a girl named Taco and her double bass named Terry. And it’s a good story.

This very well may be the first musical comedy show to feature a double bass so prominently, but hopefully not the last if A Knight’s Taco was anything to go by. The premise of the show itself is sort of a standup mixed with musical comedy vibe, with Taco recounting moments from past relationships or the strenuous trials that working in hospitality can bring. Along with a very interesting introductory song for her double bass, Terry.

Tucked away in the rabbit’s burrow that is The Butterfly Club, Taco’s strong voice could be heard clearly throughout the room, the sturdy notes from her double bass complimenting her tone precisely. It was a brave choice to sing with only the bass for music but surprisingly it works perfectly, and elicits an atmosphere that draws the crowd right in.

For a first time performer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival A Knight’s Taco is definitely a great whirl – and the more that Taco proceeds with this fascinating take on comedy the more it will improve. The segues into each song or moment do feel slightly disjointed throughout, which stretched the audience silence into vaguely uncomfortable moments. However, the majority of the show was filled with a loud spread of laughter from the crowd.

If you’re a fan of a musical comedy, A Knight’s Taco is the show for you – especially since it’s unlikely you’ll manage to get a surprisingly good Australian hiphop rendition on stage anywhere else. Just, have to send a shoutout to the two audience members that killed it during that part also (respect to T-Raps and the Velocirapper). This new addition to the Melbourne comedy scene is a great way to start your night off during the festival.


A Knight’s Tale is showing at The Butterfly Club from 1st April – 7th April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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