Review: SPANKY presents Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 album Rumours was one of the best pop albums of its time (and ever). In a time fraught with divorces, affairs and relationship troubles (and also a lot of cocaine), they somehow managed to produce an album that stormed the US, the UK and Australia, selling over 45 million copies to date.

So it’s only appropriate that Spanky (Rhys Morgan) celebrates the 35th anniversary of the album by inviting a group of musical friends to perform the album in its entirety. Spanky and Tara start off with a rousing rendition of ‘Second Hand News’ before delving into Spanky’s history with the album. Spoiler: it involves his extremely “bogan” family. Also, his father may have engaged in some crime. But just a bit.

Fleetwood Mac

While there could be more direction, narrative and flow to the show, each of the songs stood on their own very well. Duets, solos and group songs are all there, and each of them have taken the originals and interpreted them in different ways.

It’s held in Ormond Hall, which is a beautiful venue. The only problem was that the art deco hall doesn’t keep its warmth well, which, on a typical winter night in Melbourne, isn’t great for comfort.

Co-produced by Melbourne Cabaret Festival and The Village in partnership with Emily Sweeney.

Unfortunately for those interested, ‘Rumours’ had only one show as part of the Melbourne Cabaret Festival. Still, Spanky is one to watch out for, as are all the musicians featured in the show.



  • Spanky (Rhys Morgan)
  • Catherine Alcorn
  • Tara Minton
  • Caity Fowler
  • Mama Alto (Benny Dimas)
  • Tina Del Twist (Wes Snelling)
  • Tom Dickins
  • The band!


  • A complete sing through of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours.


  • Friday July 5, 7pm


  • Ormond Hall, The Village Melbourne

How much

  • $39 full, $36 concession

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