Review: Sketch Me Like One of Your French Girls

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

David Massingham would like you to sketch him, like one of your French girls – whatever that means. With an impressive improv history beneath his belt, Massingham delivers a consistently hilarious evening of sketches, puns and quite impressively timed sketches (in this scenario we’re referring to actual drawings).

Sketch Me Like One of Your French Girls is Massingham’s debut solo comedy show, having previously performed with The Big HOO-HAA and The sexy Detectives. For a debut show Sketch Me Like One of Your French Girls is immensely impressive and shows that Massingham has clearly put a lot of time and practice into perfecting his range of characters that the audience is treated to throughout the night.

While the performance space at Tasma Terrace is quite small, it works perfectly for Massingham’s show, the entirety of the show has a very personal and intimate touch to it and he manages to address nearly every audience member throughout.

Massingham is fantastic at characters, managing to transport the audience through a range of different individuals with seemingly no effort – from an alcoholic who can’t quite grasp the steps of recovery, to the mayor of a town that maybe needs a little more justice. The sketches themselves rely on only a few props and sound effects – leaving most transitions and moments without any hiccups. The only slightly noticeably timing error was an audio issue, as it was the preview night however these mistakes can be easily ignored.

If you’re adverse to audience participation, this is perhaps not the show for you, as you will most likely be pulled up to participate during a sketch at one point during the night – the small performance space at Tasma Terrace does not leave much hiding room within the audience if you’re a little stage shy.

Sketch Me Like One of Your French Girls is a great change from the standard stand-up during comedy festival. Massingham is clever, funny and quick to improvise when the occasion calls for it, leaving the audience in a never-ending laugh for the duration of the show.


Sketch Me Like One of Your French Girls is showing at Tasma Terrace 27th March – 8th April as part of 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Ticket can be purchased here.

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