Review: A Sure Sign of Love

6 years ago
Stacey Waters

Looking for love? Don’t even consider dating a Leo if you’re a Scorpio. And a Capricorn going out with a Pisces? Yeah, right, that’ll never work. At least according to Elena Gabrielle.

A Sure Sign of Love mixes comedic and dance elements, with creator and performer Elena Gabrielle capturing the audience with her dynamic stage presence. Gabrielle has clearly put every ounce of herself into the show, with clearly well-rehearsed dance sequences and lip-syncing weaving masterfully into the act. Also, any show where I get to see a grown woman do a perfect routine to One Direction and it’s not just me looking in the mirror? I’m there.

Sure Sign of Love Fringe Elena Gabrielle

Gabrielle delves into her own personal dating stories, bringing a little bit of personal opinions to every star sign in accordance to any official traits of each. It’s clear what each audience member’s star sign is, seeing them chuckling and nodding along in agreement as their corresponding zodiac is brought up. As a Capricorn however, I would like to disagree with Gabrielle’s opinions of Capricorns. We’re not always thinking about work during the day and then spending all night in a sex dungeon. Personally I like to fit a bit of the sex dungeon in during the workday, just to break up the routine a bit.

A Sure Sign of Love is a superb act that blends an hour of dating anecdotes in with slightly kooky zodiac beliefs, that Gabrielle ends up admitting aren’t overly important at all – maybe just fun to think about. The show could use a little polishing: the beginning sequences where Gabrielle reads horoscopes from various publications drags on a touch too long, and she occasionally appears to stumble over some cues and lose her place within the routine. As a Fringe opening night however, this can be expected and I predict Gabrielle will have every moment of the act perfect by the final night.

No matter if you’re a solid believer of horoscopes and predictions, or someone that laughs when they’re told they’ll meet a tall handsome stranger, Elena Gabrielle has created a truly enjoyable act that will have you chuckling loudly throughout.


You can see Elena Gabrielle in A Sure Sign of Love showing at The Butterfly Club until the 20th of September. Tickets can be purchased at The Butterfly Club website.

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