Review: New Show – Aunty Donna

5 years ago
Til Knowles

Aunty Donna are back! Not that they really went anywhere. In fact, they’ve definitely been here this whole time, making everything from Youtube videos to TV pilots. But they do have a new show! It’s called New Show!


The sketch troupe are as energetic as ever. The dance routines are just as synchronised. The music is just as loud. The jokes are funny (and reasonably well remembered). The humour is absurd, but palatable to almost anyone. There’s some juvenile jokes, some meta-comedy, and a lot of physicality. By the end of the show the trio are covered in sweat, Zach’s pants are a little more ripped, and the audience’s eyes and smiles are stretched wide.

Structurally, the show is similar to last year’s, but the content is all new. It is, after all, a New Show. You’ve got to be careful if you sit in the front row, and, actually, all the other rows behind that. It’s not quite audience participation so much as it is audience climbing frames. It’s messy, and while some sketches call for tight timing which the boys nail, others fall down and into improvisation quickly – making for some of the best bits of the show. The show skirts some broad racial stereotypes in one or two moments, but they’re not the focus of the jokes, let alone the punchlines. The venue, Roxanne, is an appropriately sticky-floored club usually, and can  be found off Little Bourke street, down an alley way and up some stairs (don’t listen to Google Maps’ instructions, there are folk in yellow t-shirts to guide the way).

If you’re unsure about heading along to see Aunty Donna at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the solution is to check out their online sketches. If you think they’re even kind of funny, you’ll enjoy New Show for sure.

New Show is on at Roxanne, the Melbourne Town Hall, and Max Watt’s until the 15th of April. Tickets cost $20 – $30 and are available online, and at various doors and box offices. 

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