Review: Salad’s Garage Sale at Backwoods Gallery

2 years ago
Stacey Waters

Walking down Easey Street in Collingwood, you may find your gaze drifting towards a tucked away dip in the line of buildings, with a few people spilling out onto the pavement and the steady thrum of music and noisy chattering reaching your ears. If you venture a little further into this inconspicuous bar, you may find a narrow staircase leading up to a sparse gallery. Well done, you’ve hunted down the Backwoods Gallery (there actually is totally another entrance that is way easier to find on another street – but who likes doing things the easy way, right?).

With a gallery display that is sure to please any pop culture aficionado, Salad’s Garage Sale is an impressive array of pieces. Two years worth of work is displayed upon the wall of the gallery, in a manner that treats the eye to a burst of colour as soon as your gaze settles upon it. It’s hard at the beginning to decide where to look first – flashes of a multicolour (quite fantastic) Mario piece may catch your eye, before it is quickly ripped away at the sight of an Ah! Monsters display (a personal favourite from the night).

A culmination of two years work, the pieces have been put together with an array of recycled materials – all frames sourced from second hand stores, with the artwork painted on the glass directly. The end result is both striking and vivid, raising the images from simply pleasing to an instead almost mesmerising display. Mixed throughout are certain pieces with a touch more added to them – the materials used while painting (drop clothes, painters tape) sealed within the glass of the frame, elevating the simple image upon the glass into something more. This is doneparticularly well with two pieces, a simple drawing of legs entwined, made into something utterly unique with the addition of seemingly silk sheets sealed within the frame behind them.

While this exhibition was sadly limited to only the weekend past – it would do well to keep an eye upon this artist, as the nature of this display was one that you would be hard pressed to see elsewhere.

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