Review: Who is PoshLopez?

6 years ago
Sharona Lin

The Butterfly Club is one of my favourite venues. It’s intimate, warm and hosts some excellent shows – and I can now add Who is PoshLopez to the list of excellent Butterfly Club shows.

Full of pop music, bitchy asides and some great comedy, Who is PoshLopez is a fun, loud affair examining and lampooning fame from the glamorous viewpoint of a fabulously wealthy, famous diva. PoshLopez is (mild spoiler alert) actually Phillip Lee Curtis, a country boy who created the PoshLopez persona.

Andy Balloch and Phillip Lee Curtis.
Andy Balloch and Phillip Lee Curtis.

While the show doesn’t delve into the details, Curtis has struggled with obesity and depression, as well as his sexuality, identity and plastic surgery. His story is told in snippets throughout the show, interspersed with dramatic songs based on various well known pop songs (a little Kylie, some Britney, and a few digs at Holly Valance).

Joining him is Andy Balloch as a fumbling Assistant and Robyn Womersley as the long-suffering accompanist.

Who is PoshLopez is a show with enormous potential – Curtis is clearly talented and the subject matter is compelling. The show is still pretty raw – Curtis comes off as a little self-conscious, especially because the stage is so close to the audience, but that could just be because he’s still new to the cabaret game. I’m excited to see what comes next!


Who is PoshLopez runs until Sunday 14 December at The Butterfly Club. Tickets start from $25, available at the door.

PoshLopez 2
Andy Balloch and Phillip Lee Curtis.

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