Review: Pony Yell – Kate Dehnert

6 years ago
Til Knowles

Pony Yell is the story of a pony called Pony who delivers the mail in a strange and magical land, along with comedian Kate Dehnert. Previously described as ‘escapist’ and ‘weird’, Dehnert’s 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show is an odd adventure with odd characters in an even odder land.

Dehnert’s blend of comedy is absurdism via sketch and sound effects. There’s an underlying bleakness to the punch lines, the set ups and the premise as a whole. Yet Dehnert is so delightfully energetic that it’s easy to forget the negative space at the centre of Pony Yell. She leaps about the stage, unashamedly physical, transitioning into various characters in all sorts of locations. It’s a wild ride, from rock monsters to office work environments. Dehnert is all of the characters, shifting from Kate to Pony and back again within the confines of a scene.

Pony Yell MICF Kate Dehnert

Dehnert uses a large amount of voice over and auditory manipulation in the show, which reinforces both how well written and how well rehearsed the show is. Some of the show’s best moments are exchanges between Dehnert and disembodied voices, cleverly timed and expertly executed. Pony Yell is a little less musical than Dehnert’s previous comedy festival shows, but there are still a few raps and beats to watch out for, hidden amongst the show’s loose narrative.

Pony Yell is simply a delight. Dehnert has the audience on the edge of their seats, so enthralled by her presence and the fantastical world that she creates that they almost forget to laugh. They don’t though.


Pony Yell is playing until the 19th April at the Imperial Hotel at 9.15pm each night. For tickets, go online or get them at the door.

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