Review: Play Like A Girl – The Improv Conspiracy

6 years ago
Sharona Lin

If you were outside the Croft Institute at 6.30pm on Saturday night, you might have wondered why people were milling around in Croft Alley rather than upstairs enjoying some improv. The answer is that no one from the venue had arrived to unlock the doors, and thus the performers and audience of Play Like a Girl mingled for a good half hour before someone from the Croft Institute arrived to unlock the doors.

The entire experience would have been miserable but for the warm presences of the Improv Conspiracy ladies, and although some free drinks from the Croft Institute wouldn’t have gone astray, the show progressed more or less as planned, except a little shorter.

Improv Conspiracy Play Like a Girl 2

For someone like me, who has never attempted improvisation and whose performing experience is limited to high school drama classes, improv seems like an activity for superhumans. The women of the Improv Conspiracy don’t do much to change these expectations. Once a suggestion for the scene is made, they’re off, and it’s truly exciting to watch.

Despite the rocky start, Play Like a Girl is a delight – fast-paced, quick-witted fun. There are a few confusing moments in which the performers contradict each other, but most of it gets turned into part of the show.


The Improv Conspiracy’s Play Like a Girl has seven shows between the 26th March and 7th April. It plays at the Croft Institute: tickets start from $14. To get tickets, check out the MICF website, the Improv Conspiracy’s website or at the door.


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