Review: Perri Cassie – Channel Perri

4 years ago
Sharona Lin

There’s a lot of comedy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, strangely enough, and a lot of great stand-up.

Traditional stand-up is always fun, and Perri Cassie brings exactly that to the upstairs room of 1000 Pound Bend. With an easy going, affable vibe, Cassie delivers a solid hour of stand-up in Channel Perri. It’s an easy hour – sometimes straight up stand-up can drag on, but Cassie is engaging enough that you don’t have the urge to check your watch, only to find out that there’s still half an hour to go.

Most of his bits don’t seem to be themed or connected in any way, but to his credit, Cassie doesn’t attempt the awkward “wink, wink, I’m seguing into my next joke now but I don’t have an actual transition” transition, instead just moving from joke to joke. Still, despite the easy flow that he transitions through joke with, it would be nice if there were more of a logic to the way he moves through them.

Although he’s relatively new to the scene, Cassie is comfortable and charismatic on stage, and has clearly mastered his material. Hopefully he continues to work at and explore stand up – I’d love for him to tackle more challenging topics and develop his comedic voice further.

But all in all, Channel Perri is a great choice for a good hour of stand-up.


Perri Cassie’s show Channel Perri is on til 23 April at 1000 Pound Bend – get tickets online or at the door.

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