Review: Paul Noodle, Phd. Candidate – Into the Abyss

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

Paul Noodle, Phd. Candidate. If you haven’t looked into this show, much like the author of this review, you may find yourself snorting with laughter at the realisation that Paul Noodle is a pool noodle and won’t quite be contributing to the performance quite like you thought. Instead, Jacob Sacher and Jack McGorlick are here to tell you the tale of a father diving into his son’s brain in attempt to wake him from a coma: they are going Into the Abyss.

Into the Abyss is a fascinating show. When coming out you’ll find yourself hard-pressed to define what parts that you witnessed were planned sketches and which parts were completely improvised. While the entire show feels quite random, it is clearly laid out into a particular pattern, seemingly random questions to the audience at the beginning coming back later in hilarious, though ridiculous sketches.

Both Sacher and McGorlick work well together, bouncing off each other remarks and improvisations in quick and witty measures. Both have a strong history in comedy and improvisation – with McGorlick even having experience within dramatic acting also, this experience for both performers all show thoroughly throughout the evening.

There’s no real underlying moral to the story that we see during Into the Abyss, but there doesn’t need to be. It is created to give the audience a good time, to leave them laughing at the nonsensicality of it all. Into the Abyss is perhaps what an ideal show at comedy festival should be: there’s no serious, sobering moments to make the audience think, there’s no heavily political undertones throughout. Instead it is purely an evening of outlandish sketches and comedy, designed to keep the audience laughing throughout the entire thing.

Into the Abyss is showing 28th March – 8th April at Tasma Terrace as part of 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here.

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