Review: Orphan Spirit – My Sauce Good

8 years ago
Aidan Johnson

My Sauce Good’s EP Orphan Spirit is quite an enjoyable construction musically. With quite a bluesy/country feel, the EP is well paced and good to listen to, including the remix dance track at the end. In fact, the main criticism for the EP is that it is an EP, and not an album! The blues and country feel gives it a relaxed, groove-driven feel, which when combined with the excellent mixing, makes for a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

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The title track of the EP is a great opener. With a twangy guitar leading into the main riff, the song has a strong country/western/blues feel. This effect is furthered by strategically placed horse whinnies, which are created by a Theremin-like sound on a keyboard. The French vocals mix smoothly into the mix, almost sounding like an instrument. The guitar’s twangy quality is pleasant to listen to, although not overly interesting. The percussion is cool, with a repeated tapping on the rim of the snare complimenting the actual snare hits nicely, whilst in the chorus, the rest of the kit is explored, revealing a rich sounding instrument.

‘Walk-A-Mile-Blues’ is the second track, and is quite a turnaround from Orphan Spirit. Firstly, the vocals have changed from French to English, even though the clear tone is still fluid and pleasant to listen to – not quite the edginess of other blues singers. These vocals fit very well regardless, which is a compliment to the vocalist’s (Laura Brozky) comfort with each language and skills as a singer. The percussion in this piece is very dynamic, and helps set the feel very well, with brushes on the snare creating a relaxed blues feel. This is contrasted by the repetitive bass and tambourine line, which creates a sense of rhythm and continuity in the piece. The guitars are well mixed, ranging from a clean and smooth acoustic guitar solo, to the echo-y feel of verse. Overall, a nicely subdued piece, which complements the opening track ‘Orphan Spirit’ very well.

‘Wake The World’ is a catchy pop-rock tune, with a plethora of electronic percussion to help make the piece interesting, such as tambourines, agago-bells, and a synthetic bass and snare drum groove. The bass has a fun and catchy riff in this song, helping to give the piece a certain dance-worthy quality, with fast paced but repeated riffs. The guitars have a slightly less interesting part in this song, but again, they contribute to the catchiness and fun element of the song. The vocals are in English again, and there isn’t just the female lead this time. Throughout the song, including the chorus, there are male voices that contribute to a thickness of texture, and create interesting harmonies. Overall, a fun and interesting pop-rock tune.

Finally, the Orphan Spirit (Joshua Isaac Dance Remix) is a fun dance track. Certainly the sort of track to bring out at parties, the piece is catchy and worthy of a club or dance floor. With the vocals appearing throughout, the Joshua Isaac Dance Remix is an excellent example of how dance tunes can be made from original songs, and take those songs into a new dimension. The energy from the song is exceptional, and the beat is catchy.

Overall, Orphan Spirit is a fun EP, and worth listening to for anyone who likes indie, rock, indie-rock, blues, country or even ‘60’s psychedelic rock. It’s very well mixed, with the smooth vocals fitting in perfectly over the pleasant guitar riffs, the smooth bass lines and the quirky percussion.

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