Review: Nikki Britton is Romanticide

4 years ago
Stacey Waters

Nikki Britton doesn’t think romance is dead – it just doesn’t quite happen the way you think it will. Romanticide is an hour of hard truths about the age of dating we live in – unsolicited dick pics, bad date and awkward breakups and everything else that leaves us cringing.

From the beginning Britton is eager and enthusiastic, warning the front row that her in-your-face comedy stylings are not going to slow down, if anything it’s going to get louder. She is true to her word and as the show continues as does Britton’s eccentric and hilarious story telling.

Her story revolves and was based upon a confrontation that left her sitting in a formerly pyramid stacked pile of double coated Tim Tam’s, honestly the perfect material to base a comedy show around. As the night progresses we hear more of her forlorn dating tales, full of anecdotes of amusing situations
(to the audience at least) that she claims “This does not happen to regular people!”

Britton’s description of living a double life when dating rings true and yet seems to almost encourage those in the audience to be themselves, learn from her. Highlights of the night are her conversations with couple in the audience, drawing out of them how they met leads to more amusing situations than would be thought. The only criticism that can be given is that the show feels like it runs just a little too long, the last twenty minutes dragging a little slow.

Anyone who has ever experienced a bad date, an unexpected breakup or just the utter confusion of how to successfully date someone will be able to relate to Nikki Britton’s Romanticide.


Romanticide is showing at The Forum Theatre as part of The Melbourne International Comedy Festival from March 30th to April 23rd. Tickets can be purchased here.

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