Review: Nick Cody – Old Mate

2 years ago
Til Knowles

Comedian, radio host and all-round loose unit Nick Cody is back at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his new show, Old Mate. Cody has a five month old son, but that new responsibility isn’t going to stop him relaxing with a beer any time soon. Whether Cody himself is the old mate of the title or whether it’s just an indicator of his quintessential Aussie style, who can say.

Cody’s central point in Old Mate that the looser you are before you have kids, the better parent you are. He demonstrates this with a wicked kind of glee, running through outrageous moments in his own life, and talking about how his drinking habits have set him up well for sleep-deprivation and regularly cleaning up spew. The comedian has taken to parenthood surprisingly well, especially considering he’s now also hosting breakfast radio on Triple M.

Cody’s material is as loose as ever, covering his drinking stories, satirical observations and a lot of swear words. It’s impressive how smoothly Cody transitions between loose unit stories and gentler fare like adopting a staffie and caring for a newborn. It’s classic Australian comedy – self-deprecating, honest stand up. If you’re familiar with Cody, you won’t be surprised that there’s some aeroplane-based material in the show, as the self-proclaimed ‘King of the Air’ brings yet more stories of passengers behaving poorly on domestic flights. Cody manages to build a surprisingly conversational vibe, which is impressive considering that he’s performing in the basement of ACMI.

Nick Cody is a thoroughly personable comedian, which is why Old Mate is a great show to take your mates who don’t usually see live comedy to; it’s the perfect mix of relatable, sweary and hilarious.


Old Mate is on at 9:40pm at ACMI until 21 April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available from the MICF website or at the venue.

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