Review: Nick Capper – Pig in the City

2 years ago
Til Knowles

Nick Capper likes to boast he’s the only agricultural-based comedian at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival. That’s probably true, and those attending his show Pig in the City shouldn’t be surprised by the number of farming jokes in the show. It’s also, very loosely, about what it’s like moving from regional New South Wales to the big smoke in Victoria. Very loosely.

Capper has a laid back, farm boy charm that’s offset by a creepy eyebrow wiggle and giggle. It’s a strangely disarming combination that makes for an entertaining stage presence. There are a fair few jokes that are genuinely about farming, which means there’s a chunk of the show that’s a little lost on the city slicker crowd. The slide show (and flat screen TV) are funny additions to the show, even during the technical problems.

A fair few of the jokes in the show have been workshopped by Capper on his podcast Phone Hacks. It’s an interesting connection, and it’s entertaining for listeners to see how the jokes have evolved and transformed from pod to stage. The show was missing some of Capper’s more outlandish sensibilities and his chaotic energy, which is probably why the audience laughed the hardest when he lost his way, got angry or doubled down on a bit.

Pig in the City is a reasonable hour of agricultural material, meandering stories and a fair bit of swearing. If you’ve heard Capper on his podcast, or on The Little Dum Dum Club and liked what you heard, head along and check out his solo show.


Pig in the City is on at 9:30pm at the Greek Centre until 21 April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available at the venue or via the MICF website.

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