Review: Niche

4 years ago
Stacey Waters

Elbow Room Productions’ Niche is a unique performance. While examining celebrity culture isn’t particularly new, Niche manages to capture the annoyingly catchy and repetitiveness of modern day pop music while emulating the very annoyance that many within society seem to have with that genre of music.

With only two actors on stage for the entire show, the challenge of presenting an engaging and attention grabbing production can sometimes be a challenge. When those two actors are Emily Tomlins and Eryn Jean Norvill however, there appears to be no issue at all.

Both Tomlins and Norvill manage to keep the attention of the audience for every moment of the show with their mere presence, with the way in which they hold themselves clearly defining and showing the scope of the characters they are playing.

The concept of Niche deals with two very different women: an epidemiologist, played by Tomlins, whose life focus around her close family and her career. Opposite her is the character of Niche, played by Norvill, a somewhat Taylor Swift-esque popstar. The writing of the play itself is fascinating – it manages to capture the very idea of why many within today’s society are so drawn to the appeal of celebrities, and the hero worship that comes with it.

Some fantastic original songs accompany the writing – some so catchy you’ll leave still humming, with the beat in your head. It was quite impressive to hear music that wouldn’t be out of place on the radio today.

Overall, Niche is a fantastic way to spend a night. It will leave you thinking of what exactly the appeal is to the particular music you like, and a reassurance that enjoying a popular song is not that uncommon and doesn’t make you boring – it’s meant to be liked.

Niche is showing from 16th to 26th of August at Northcote Town Hall. Tickets can be purchased at the Elbow Room Productions website

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