Review: Nath Valvo’s Not in This House

4 years ago
Stacey Waters

Ever get that little shudder of disgust whenever you see a couple posing so cheerfully in front house with a big sold sign out the front? Nath Valvo knows exactly how you’re feeling, and he manages to capture it in words better than you ever could.

Valvo, to begin with, has an enigmatic stage presence – beaming widely and he gestures around the stage set up within ACMI, rightfully calling out how it is weird that there’s a TV just hanging from the middle of the ceiling. His consistent energy and pace keeps the audience on the edge of their toes, eagerly anticipating the punch line of every joke as he pauses between words for full effect.

The nature of the show revolves around the idea of growing up, having to think about babies, marriage and, ugh, home ownership. And the tinges of jealously and disgust that occur when someone your age achieves that before you. It would be difficult for anyone watching to not relate to at least one part of Valvo’s show, his topics ingrained in hard truths, made light by the comedic spin.

Valvo himself has seemingly perfected a stand up show, each moment through the hour seems to be perfectly in time and precise – excluding the moment he forgot his boyfriend’s mother was in the audience and made an inappropriate joke about her son. His movements up on the stage align with his material perfectly, snapping the audience to attention as his arms flail about wildly.

Nath Valvo’s Not In This House is a perfect show to see if you’re in the mood for a night of classic stand-up. With no extreme themes or gimmicks, Valvo simply entertains to the best – and it is indeed the best- of his abilities with hilarious results.


Not in This House is showing at ACMI from the 30th March to the 29th of April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here. 

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