Review: Mix Tape – Seemingly Evil

6 years ago
Sharona Lin

There are a lot of sketch shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year. Like, so many that you could probably watch one for every night of the festival. But if you like sketch and don’t have time to watch all of the shows, you should watch Mix Tape.

Youthful, full of energy and most important of all, funny, the Seemingly Evil troupe fill out an hour effortlessly – sketches range from the mundane and relatable (trams, shopping for clothes, school headmasters) to the absurd (their portrayal of people from the future is particularly amusing), complemented with pitch perfect sound effects and lighting design.

Mix Tape Seemingly Evil

Perfect for pretty much all ages, the Whitlam Room at Trades Hall was constantly in stitches all the way throughout the sketches – sometimes so loudly that a punchline or two was drowned out. Despite that, the timing and delivery is consistently spot-on, keeping the audience engaged and laughing the whole way through. It’s clear that the Seemingly Evil team are good friends – they work seamlessly as a team, and even when one of them slips up, the subsequent cover-up is perhaps funnier than the original gag.

There are a couple of sketches that aren’t received as warmly as the others – these are sketches with no clear pay-off, but aren’t bizarre and hilarious enough to stand on their own. Still, the overwhelming consensus at the end of the show is that Mix Tape is a hit.


Mix Tape is playing at Trades Hall in the Whitlam Room until 19th April. Get tickets online or at the door.

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