Review: Meteor Men

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

Being a big fan of both science fiction and comic books, it stands to reason that I would love Meteor Men. Orphan and teenager Alden Baylor watches the biggest meteor shower in human history, and of course, this is no ordinary meteor shower. Aliens have come down to earth in them and predictably, the US Army freaks out. But Alden befriends an alien and what follows is lovely and fun.

While there were some great concepts here, it has all been done before. There were definitely some interesting ideas, not to mention some gorgeous artwork, and the themes visited throughout the book are ones that rarely get old – we’re talking adolescent awkwardness and angst, friendship and humanity. Meteor Men does strive to transcend the other works in this genre, but occasionally comes off as a little limited due to the viewpoint of Alden Baylor. Sure, he’s an orphan which makes him a little more intriguing than the rest of us, but he’s still very much in the mould of any other fictional teenager.

All in all, some great, if not original ideas, but beautifully packaged.

meteor men comic book cover

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