Review: Matt Kilpa – For Science!

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

There are a few lessons that one can learn during Matt Kilpa’s For Science! Things like: Kilpa can do quite an impressive improvised rap about earthworms finding love – or that scientist and naturopaths are natural enemies. For Science! is a stand-up, musical mishmash of hilarity – all brought together by one  dude that looks like a Jewish accountant (according to Kilpa himself).

Located at The Croft Institute, which is a very interesting venue to try and find – once you realise that, yes, you do have to walk down this abandoned alley, and no, you probably won’t get stabbed, you find yourself seated in a darkened room. It’s an apt setting – Croft are known for serving their cocktail concoctions in beakers and shots in test tubes. While the vibe of the entire venue is a little dismal, it does not stop Kilpa from bounding up onto stage with bright energy and enthusiasm. He has an incredibly likeable personality, instantly joking about his own appearance and that of the venue.

The title of the show does relate quite heavily to the material within. As a science student, the majority of Kilpa’s material revolves around vaguely science-y related topics, presented in musical or stand up format. The musical elements of the performance are probably the stand out moments – all songs performed at catchy and entertaining, with an almost Flight of the Concords-esque sound to them.

The entire performance feels like a conversation between a group of friends. Kilpa converses with the audience with a simple ease, making a clearly rehearsed show feel smooth and casual, as though you’re simply sitting down and watching a friend chat. As a RAW Comedy state finalist, and boasting sell-out crowds and raving reviews during last years’ comedy festival – you’re best to get in to see Kilpa while you still can.


For Science! is showing 28th March – 9th April at The Croft Institute as part of the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here. 

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