Review: Matt Harvey – The Face of Gentrification and Other Ideas

4 years ago
Stacey Waters

Matt Harvey’s, The Face of Gentrification and Other Ideas is a solid hour exploration around the ideas of white privilege, cultural-appropriation and how annoying millennials are (all because they want to someday own their own damn homes, ugh, youths).

There was unfortunately a last minute venue change for the show, changing from the Tickle Pit to Tuxedo Cat. This in part, may be responsible for the crowd’s enthusiasm and response for the night, the room itself is quite large and only serves to dwarf the crowd that trickles in past opening time (again, last minute changed venues). It is also unfortunate that for those sitting near the curtain that acts as the door, parts of the show are drowned out by what is at first loud dance music, and then needless yelling and shouting for the remainder of the show.

Despite this Harvey ran thorough the show with skill and ease, applauding the few audience members that called out to his questions, easily making the night feel intimate despite the sparseness of the space. There are moments throughout in which the audience is warned in jest, of a particularly controversial topic, and they do not fail to disappoint. The Face Of Gentrification and Other Ideas is a great example of a comedian managing to make light of particularly troublesome issues, while still carrying the depth of them as to make the viewer aware.

The Face of Gentrification and Other Ideas is a great way to spend a night during the comedy festival this year, it may be funny, but it will also make you think about a few things you may not have been quite aware of – simply put, don’t wear a native American headdress, just don’t.


The Face of Gentrification and Other Ideas is showing at The Tuxedo Cat as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from April 17th to April 23rd. Tickets can be purchased here.

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