Review: Lonely Comedians Blind Dating Show Spectacular

5 years ago
Stacey Waters

Are you a comedian? Are you lonely? Dave Warneke is here for you during this years’ Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The Melbourne based comedian is hosting Lonely Comedians’ Blind Dating Show Spectacular, showing for only three nights during the festival as he attempts to help three guest comedians find love.

The show when it begins is reminiscent of any typical 80’s dating show, three bachelors/bachelorettes on one side of the curtain and a lonely single on the other. Interestingly in lieu of simply naming the contestants’ bachelor one and so on like older dating shows did, Warneke instead had them wear netball singlets, referring to the three as Goal Attack, Centre and Wing Defense. There are two singles for the night: a male and female paired up against two different sets of three comedians.


Warneke has created something truly entertaining with Lonely Comedians’ Blind Dating Show Spectacular, the night is spontaneous as nothing but the questions are scripted ensuring each show will be unique. Seeing six separate comedians quip with each other on stage with no prior planning is also a treat. Warneke did state that the ‘lonely’ comedians would change with each show as well.

Warneke is enigmatic as the host, keeping the atmosphere of the room bright and alert with his constant remarks and notes about the contestants. Praise should be given also to his assistant Neal Portenza in the role of Doctor Love, assisting in matching up our singles for the night with their best fit.

The only criticism of the show that can be noted is with the timing, we skip from questions 5 to 8 rather rapidly in the first round and seem to only have half as many questions in the second. When you’ve got three different comedians on stage improvising though, it is understandable that timing can’t be absolutely perfect.

With only two more shows left of Lonely Comedians’ Blind Dating Show Spectacular it’s worth taking the time to make it to one. It’s a guaranteed laugh with the only disappoint coming at the end when the game’s over.


Lonely Comedians’ Blind Dating Show Spectacular is on 4th and 11th of April at Melbourne Town Hall as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here.

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