Review: Leaky Bucket’s First Crack

4 years ago
Sharona Lin

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is an excellent opportunity to see the biggest names in comedy from around Australia and the world, and to see the freshest up-and-coming comics.

Leaky Bucket falls into the latter. This is the sketch group’s debut performance, which is a daunting proposition for anyone – brand new comedians can be a gamble. I won’t name any names, but I can tell you I’ve been to some pretty trying hours of comedy.

Luckily, First Crack is surprisingly good. Prue Blake, Darcy Fleming and Matthew McCartney wrote and performed the show, which is consists of a series of seemingly unthemed sketches, interspersed with a monologue each and breaks in which the young comics argue, criticise each other and relentlessly tease (poor, sweet) Matt.

It works because Matt is arguably the strongest actor of the lot, demonstrating real range beyond the comedic register Prue and Darcy seem comfortable in. However, all three are impressive in their first ever Melbourne International Comedy Festival appearance – although personally I would have preferred a stronger theme to tie their show together rather than “let’s be mean to Matt.”

The three young comics have a ways to go, but it’s hard to believe that this is their debut. If you need a break from stand-up, this sketch show might be for you.


Leaky Bucket’s show First Crack is playing til 23 April. Tickets start at $16.70 – get them at the MICF website or at the door.

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