Review: Kitchen Bird – Jack Druce

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

Jack Druce would just like to make sure that everyone knows he’s not the Kitchen Bird namesake of his show – that refers to an actual bird that may or may not have stalked him within a kitchen over a period of time.

The private room that the show is located in at Belleville is certainly an interesting venue. As Druce points out, the oddly placed staircase is probably two thirds bigger then the stage itself and the arrangement of the chairs in front of the stage means whatever brave souls choose to sit in the front row will be spending their time craning their necks or staring directly at his crotch. Belleville is definitely a venue that lends material to the comics themselves – something that Druce proves as he easily works in numerous quips about the weirdly designed space.

While the title of the show is Kitchen Bird, the material doesn’t necessarily reflect solely upon that topic. Instead Druce has put together a set that is both hilarious and at times meaningful, there are moments that many within the audience will surely find themselves nodding along during, when he takes note of his opinions on what many do during times of loneliness. The great thing about these meaningful, thought-out moments that transpire throughout the show is that they’re not there to bring down the mood of the room and make the audience think of serious topics. They’re simply anecdotes that many viewing will find themselves relating to, while still seeing the hilarity of it.

Kitchen Bird is a fantastic stand up show for those wanting to see classic stand up this comedy festival. It’s fair to say that Druce is probably one of the better acts at this years’ Melbourne International Comedy Festival and it would be a shame to miss.


Kitchen Bird is showing at Belleville April 9th – April 22nd as part of the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased via the MICF website.

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