Review: Jurassic Park

8 years ago
Sharona Lin

Can you believe that before 2013, I’d never watched Jurassic Park in full? This week, after having seen the trailer play on a TV at work over and over, I figured that I should finally watch it, especially considering a fourth is being released next year.

It’s not entirely my fault that I haven’t watched this movie in full. One of my earliest memories is being at creche (an old Indian lady’s house), and the TV was playing Jurassic Park. There’s one part where a woman is in the dark and feels a comforting arm on her shoulder…and then it turns out that arm is not actually attached to a body.

Scarred for life.

But still, I felt that since this movie was older than me (it was released a few months before I was born), that I should finally watch it.

I feel like everyone on the planet, except for me, has watched this, but that’s okay, because there may be one person wondering whether or not they should watch it.

The answer is yes, they should. Obviously the science behind cloning dinosaurs is suspect, or we would definitely have lab grown dinosaurs, maybe miniature ones (like in Spy Kids 2, you know?).

Still, dinosaurs wandering the earth – who doesn’t feel a little tingle of excitement at that thought? Of course, if dinosaurs really did wander the earth, that excitement would be mixed with a healthy dose of fear. And for good reason.

In Jurassic Park, a palaeontologist and palaeobotanist duo (played by Sam Neill and Laura Dern), a mathematician (Jeff Goldblum) and a lawyer (Martin Ferrero) travel to an island owned by billionaire philanthropist John Hammond. The island, off Costa Rica, is home to a theme park – the titular Jurassic Park – and they need approval from experts for the investors benefit.

Along for the ride are Hammond’s grandchildren, Lex (Ariana Richards) and Tim (Joseph Mazzello). It’s big enough in popular culture now that everyone knows what happens. Dinosaurs wreak havoc. People die.

Sam Neill can survive anything.
Sam Neill can survive anything.

But Jurassic Park is worth seeing, even if it’s just to admire the still remarkably realistic-looking dinosaurs. Almost two decades on, they don’t have that weirdly slick, too-smooth appearance and motion that some CGI ends up having.

Verdict? If you like dinosaurs, survival stories, or people being eaten, you’ll probably enjoy it. It’s not a particularly deep, thought-provoking movie (although there are issues there, like humanity’s arrogance and natural selection), but it’s a lot of fun.

Plus, it has Samuel L Jackson in it.

Rating: 8/10.

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