Review: Jeykll & Hyde – The Sequel

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

Jekyll & Hyde: The Sequel may be this reviewer’s favourite show at comedy festival this year so far. The performance is a side splitting, satirical romp through Victorian England, with a multitude of characters and side plots. Developed by Martin Dunlop, who has a solid history of his own take on fictional tales under his belt, Jekyll & Hyde: The Sequel is a look at what may have occurred after the commonly known story finished.

The Butterfly Club is the perfect venue for a performance such as this one, a little bit weird, a little bit dramatic but ultimately unique – the darkened rooms of the Butterfly Club and quirky décor only accentuate the eccentric nature of the show, the atmosphere allowing the audience to delve a little deeper within the performance.

While Martin Dunlop is quite extraordinary in his role as both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, he also impresses in his role at the slightly (or very) seedy owner of the debaucherous Hellfire Club – at times leaping about the small stage in order to portray multiply characters in conversation with one and other. The effect is quite notable and lends to the somewhat extravagant and off centre theme that accompanies the idea of Jekyll and Hyde.

Accompanying Dunlop on stage are fellow performers Lauren Bok and James Ferris who also portray multiple characters – both bring the audience to roaring laughter multiple times, effectively drawing out the satirical and comedic elements within the script to a point of hilarity.

Jekyll and Hyde: The Sequel may be a little different to the usual line up that you would see at comedy festival, however it is a refreshing change. While definitely fitting into the realm of comedy, it is a perfect choice when you need a break from the standard stand up routines.


Jekyll and Hyde: The Sequel is showing at The Butterfly Club 1st April – 8th April as part of the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here. 


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