Review: Jeremiah’s Tuesday

6 years ago
Stacey Waters

Jeremiah’s Tuesday writer & director Steven Mrowinski describes it as a black grotesque satirical production that relates heavily to today’s political scene despite being written in the past.

Steven Kennedy stars in this one man piece, spending an hour speaking upon the stage with very few props and very little movement. His performance is captivating, words resounding strongly around the intimate setting of The Butterfly Club. The minute movements that he makes over the stage are purposeful and enamouring, drawing the audience’s attention with every step. An actor with any less of Kennedy’s talents would be a disaster in this part, but Kennedy is superb and a delight to observe.

jeremiahs media

The writing of the play is well structured; it steps through various metaphors in a coherent manner enabling the audience to easily follow and understand its direction. I was able to have a brief chat with writer and director Steven Mrowinski after the performance about some clear themes and meanings throughout the show. The character of Jeremiah hales from a biblical setting, with an unnamed character in the performance filling the spot of Jesus.

Mrowinski describes the writing as a throw back to a different time, but with current political elements placed throughout, the idea that a different time still has the same political dramas and issues, as well as individuals bringing their own wants and needs to the forefront.

Jeremiah’s Tuesday is a superbly written and acted performance that deals with the nature of a dictator and the demise of a democracy.

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