Review: The Hurricane – Joel Creasey

6 years ago
Sharona Lin

Miley Cyrus may have come in like a wrecking ball, but Joel Creasey has hit Melbourne like a Hurricane. Despite being fresh out of the South African jungle, having spent six weeks on Channel 10’s I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, Creasey’s jokes are wonderfully topical and up to date with celebrity news. It took all of about ten seconds before Creasey made a joke about Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch), who Creasey did’t always see eye to eye with in the jungle.

The show itself has isolating moments within it, if you haven’t seen I’m a Celebrity, or at least understand the basic concept and some of the people who were in the jungle, some of the jokes will be a bit hard to understand. That being said, Creasey backs it up with some fabulous layered storytelling, injected with jokes about Josh Thomas, Hobart, as well as some perfectly balanced self-deprecating humour. There are moments in the show when Creasey is unrelenting in his barrage of jokes – the audience will have barely finished laughing before the next part of the joke is presented. He doesn’t sacrifice his craft just to get cheap laughs either: there is one joke in there about Lucy Durack (Wicked), which about three or four people understand, which he keeps in the show because he loves the joke, as well as finding those handful of people.

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Creasey himself is wonderful in his delivery, stage presence, and audience interaction. He grabs attention from the first word and holds it for the full hour, seemingly without breaking a sweat. He sticks to a classic stand-up format, building a strong relationship without relying overly on audience participation – good news for the audience.

The show also provides some lovely moments of social commentary addressing some of the less desirable aspects of the Australian psyche, such as the way the LGBTIQ community is treated, as well as including elements of the inherent Bogan in all Australians, which is particularly noticeable overseas.

If you enjoyed I’m a Celebrity, theatre, Frozen, One Direction and Neighbours, then you will love this show. If you don’t, you’ll probably love this show anyway. Most of the jokes are new, or otherwise improved from past shows. Fast paced and wonderfully crafted, if in 2012, Creasey was the Acid Tongue Prince, in 2015 it wouldn’t be amiss to describe him as The Acid Tongue King.


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Joel Creasey’s The Hurricane runs until the 19th April at the Melbourne Town Hall. Get tickets online or at the door.

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