Review: High Tide – Becky Lucas

6 years ago
Til Knowles

Becky Lucas is an up and coming darling of the Australian comedy scene. Last year the petite Sydneysider graced our city as part of Comedy Zone during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and opened for Wil Anderson at the Comics Lounge later in the year. This year she’s back, performing her debut solo show High Tide at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

High Tide focuses on Lucas’s relationship with her best friend, using a series of stories loosely tied together by the bad tattoos Lucas has. She addresses every aspect of friendship, from jealousy to childhood busking experiences and life in a small seaside town. The overarching narrative is straightforward, if a little limp, strengthened by Lucas’ polite honesty.

Becky Lucas High Tide

In fact, it is somewhat surprising how sweet Lucas’ stage persona is. She speaks gently, reflecting on life without making sweeping statements about the state of the world that often come with this style of storytelling. There are flashes of snark amidst the tenderness, which make for multiple beats of loud laughter and uncomfortable truths. It’s an interesting contrast to the way that she presents on online platforms like Twitter, where her humour is much more openly sardonic and flippant. Lucas’ likeability lets her style sneak up on the audience, prompting surprise spirals of giggles.

Lucas doesn’t isn’t quite comfortable onstage in the little thirty seater Pool Room at the Portland Hotel. Perhaps it is the newness of having the space and time all to herself, and the knowledge that everyone there has chosen and paid to see her specifically. Perhaps it is just the personal nature of her material. Regardless, Lucas’ nervousness doesn’t interfere with her delivery. Instead, it only serves to endear her further to her audience.


High Tide is on at the Portland Hotel from March 26th until April 19th at 7pm Tuesdays to Saturdays and 6pm Sundays. Tickets start from $15 and are available online, at the door, or at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival box office on Collins street.

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