Review: Hewy and Taunts go H.A.M

6 years ago
Til Knowles

Tim Hewitt and Sam Taunton are two cute, affable and utterly non threatening middle class guys trying to go H.A.M (hard as motherfuckers). The split bill show has Hewitt and Taunton take the stage for half an hour each, giving the two reasonably young stand ups time enough to stretch their comedy legs without over-stretching their jokes. They share the same blokey nature as a lot of standard widely popular comics, though they are working towards carving out a piece of it that is uniquely theirs.


Taunton does this by being relatable. Even when his material isn’t laugh out loud funny, the premises are solid enough that the audience nods along with him. Surprisingly, the RAW grand finalist seems quite nervous, as though he knows what he has to say is good but is worried that people won’t listen. Taunton doesn’t let that interfere with his delivery too much, leading the audience through his material like a brisk stroll through the park.

Hewitt performs stand up segments broken up by brief descents into character pieces. While he outright states that he’s still not quite sure how to end these bits, Hewitt commits to them fully. They escalate and escalate, in one case until Hewitt is so out of breath his face turns red. He incorporates his physicality into both styles, and each punch-line and character beat is punctuated by an appropriate gesture or facial expression. Occasionally Hewitt swallows some of his words, but it doesn’t really interrupt the flow of his set.

Despite the title, the show is as politely comfortable as its 6pm timeslot suggests, leaving plenty of time for audiences to eat, drink, and see more comedy and still be home for a good night’s sleep. Although, producer Ben Vernel wrote an article that seems to contradict that. Go to the show and find out for yourself.


Hewy and Taunts go H.A.M is on at the Imperial Hotel at 6pm until Friday the 2nd of October as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Tickets are $10 and are available online and at the door.

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