Review: Halloween ComicFest’s Thor: God of Thunder #1

7 years ago
Sharona Lin

Thor #1 begins with classic Thor: an arrogant, playboy god. I expected this, the first issue in the Thor: God of Thunder series, to continue along the same vein – muscly God fighting and drinking – but Jason Aaron surprised me (a good surprise).

Before we’re halfway into the book, questions of gods have arisen – Thor answers a prayer from a world without gods. It’s something that isn’t a big stretch: if Norse gods exist in the Marvel universe, why shouldn’t many other gods exist? Thor’s narration explicitly says that there are a “myriad of pantheons spread across the cosmos”, which is beautiful and poetic (in case you’re wondering, there are dozens of gods in the Marvel universe, but none so well-known as the Norse ones).

After he helps the planet in need and of course, drinks plenty of ale, the locals tell him that they have no gods, which spurs him to investigate. The resulting story is simple, but chilling. Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic and Dean White craft a masterful comic book with beautifully muted colour palette and an engaging story to boot. The end of the issue is particularly chilling, with an older Thor alone in Asgard as god killers roam outside. Trust me: read this.

In fact, there are already two hardcover volumes out – read them.

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