Review: You’ll Never Guess Where I Hid The Cheese

3 years ago
Stacey Waters

There’s a new villain in town and he’s here to turn you all into cheeseheads! Luckily, superhero duo Bobby and Wanda are here to defeat the evil Mr Cheesehead with the help of their enthusiastic and courageous audience!

You’ll Never Guess Where I Hid The Cheese is a quirky and entertaining children’s performance by Alicia Gonzalez and Debbie Zukerman – about two superheros that really just want to take a nap and have a little snack before bed. Unfortunately though, their choice of snacks summons the evil Mr Cheesehead into Bobby’s dreams, who ultimately wants to turn Bobby into a cheesehead as well!

Both Gonzalez and Zukerman are fantastic as the bumbling duo, interacting with the crowd of children with obvious delight and joy and the laughs and receptive yells back they received. The show itself is a fantastic and laugh-inducing ride that is quite interactive, the audience is encouraged to participate fully, calling back to the performers and even assisting them in defeating Mr Cheesehead. This results in a little bit of ‘kids say the dardnest things,’ as some of the children in the audience are not afraid to shout their opinions at the dastardly villain.

Parents as well as children will enjoy You’ll Never Guess Where I Hid The Cheese, as there are a number of sly references throughout that had the adults within the room chuckling along in amusement. As well as the cartoonish superheroes and villain that we see, we are also treated to some amazing satirical renditions of easily recognisable songs that have received a little bit of a makeover in the lyrics department.

You’ll Never Guess Where I Hid The Cheese is a delightful performance by two very funny people that is guaranteed to delight both children and their parents alike.


You’ll Never Guess Where I Hid The Cheese is showing at Melbourne Town Hall 10th April – 15th April as part of the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets can be purchased here.

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