Review: Little Golden Dassalo

5 years ago
Til Knowles

Tommy Dassalo has a knack for doing things a little differently while remaining easy to relate to. For his Melbourne International Comedy Festival show this year, he’s designed and drawn a read-along-storybook. It’s based loosely on those ‘Little Golden’ children’s books, and it’s filled with visual gags, an activity or two, and some strange portraits of Dassalo himself.


Recently, Dassalo went through a difficult break-up with his long term girlfriend. At that age when you start to suspect you’ve found someone you’d like to stay with, the whole thing was a bit of a shock and the 29 year old comedian is still working through the after effects. He’s sad, but not broken. Breakup jokes aren’t exactly a rarity in comedy, and many a confessional stand up has dug into the lonely pit of rejection to find comedy gold, or even just to have a good whinge.

Little Golden Dassalo isn’t disparaging, whiny, or even a substitute therapy session. It’s just good storytelling. Dassalo steps back from his life a little by illustrating it, verbally and literally. He’s appropriately self satirising without being frustratingly down on himself. As expected from a comedian with as much experience as Dassalo, he’s comfortable on stage and with the audience in a way that is both intimate and professional.

Ultimately, Dassalo is personable and downright funny. It’s little wonder girls are writing their phone numbers in the margins of his book.

Little Golden Dassalo is on at the Downstairs Lounge until the 17th of April at 8:45pm. Tickets are available online and at the door. 

He also has a series of live podcast recordings of The Little Dum Dum Club which he hosts with fellow comedian Karl Chandler over the course of the comedy festival. 

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